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What would inspire two men, ages 65 and 59, to take on 11 racetracks in 21 stages and 25 days over 1,000 kilometers...on their bicycles?

The way we see it, Thoroughbred race horses have contributed to the very meaning of life, so they too deserve to retire with dignity and not be sent to the slaughterhouse just because they now do six furlongs in 1:16 instead of 1:12.

As American expatriates living in Paris, we have decided to ride our own Tour de France--riding from racetrack to racetrack across France--during the 'real' Tour de France to raise money for Thoroughbred retirement. But we need your help.

We invite you to follow our journey, and if you'd like to sponsor us, just click on www.firstgiving.com/trf or on the Sponsor Us link below.

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation currently cares for over 1200 unwanted horses. When you sponsor us, we are helping them in their mission to save ALL unwanted racehorses.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


STAGES 4-5-6
quick summary because we're at clairefontaine and management was kind enough to lend us this computer ... Stage 3: Evreux to Lisieu 68 km, current total 308. That's 130 miles. First half "voie verte" the Green Way, and also the long way to avoid traffic, built over an old railroad track and passing by the old stationhouses, some of them left as monuments and others converted to homes, mainly through woods, gloriously easy and after 46 km, 40 of which were voie verte, we arrived at one of the "most beautiful villages" of FRance: Le Bec Hellouin, with 11th century abbey, time of William the Conqueror.
In the second 46 km we paid the consequences of the easy half, with a trip through the magnificent but hilly Normandie, with three Long climbs. Normandy is like this because rivers have cut deep gorges.
Stage 5 next day, no appreciable kilometers as we only bicycled around town and to the track. Also got interviewed for the local newspaper.
At night, Lisieux, small country track, sometimes with Tbreds but this night with trot races. No problem: play the horse for course. I know you find it hard to believe that handicapping everywhere in the world is universal, but it is. I got 27-1by combining the only two horses for in the third race. I played the "place quinella" because I didn't have my computer stats to look back at all the horses' histories, but my combo finished first-second and the win quinella paid off at 100-1.
Stage 6 Lisieux to Deauville for attending the races at Clairefontaine, an exceptionally beautiful track.

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